How to Clean Bundt Pans

- May 19, 2018-

  Run the hot water faucet until steaming. Place the Bundt pan under the running water. Add three drops of mild dish soap to the pan. Fill to the brim with water and shut off. Let the pan soak for about seven minutes.

  Empty the pan. Squeeze four drops of the dish soap into the bottom of the cake pan. Scrub the soap into to the round sides and creases. Rub around the pan tube to remove all the food particles.

  Turn the water faucet on to touchable hot water. Place the pan under the faucet and fill halfway. Remove from the stream of water and shake the water around the pan.

  Dump the Bundt pan water. Rinse the sponge of food as well as soap. Fill the cake pan halfway full again. Scour with the sponge to remove any leftover food and soap residue. Dry as soon as you drain the water.