How to clean nonstick pan

- Apr 11, 2018-

  1. Before cooking, the water in the pan needs to be fully wiped off, and the cooking oil must be added at the same time when the fire source is turned on. Wait until the red spot becomes full red before the food can be served.

  2. It is recommended that the cooking temperature does not exceed 240 °C to reduce soot production;

  3. It is generally better to use heavy fire to cook and maintain the original flavor of the food and save energy. Excessive firepower makes the food easily scorched, causing loss of food vitamins and destroying food nutrition.

  If stubborn stains do not stick to the pan, you can use hot water plus detergent and scrub with a sponge.

  If you encounter stubborn stains that are difficult to wash, do not wash with rough objects such as brushes. Doing so can damage the non-stick coating that adheres to the pot.