How to clean silicone product mold

- Mar 30, 2018-

Causes of sticking

   1. Sulfur is the original fierce mold.

   2. Inferior steel is the accomplice of sticking.

   3. Some compounds or formulations are objective factors for sticking.

   4. Mold and finish are also important factors.

   5. Spraying an external release agent to solve the sticking problem is the most undesirable method.

   How to solve sticking problems? The

   1. Prevent continuous sulphur is the primary task. The

   2. Use better steel. The

   3. The mold is plated. The

   4. Increase the hot tear strength of the rubber formulation.

   5. Use release agent depending on the situation. The

   6. Clean the mold with a washing solution according to the degree of mold contamination.

   Washing tool after cleaning solution Note:

   After the mold is washed at a high temperature, most of the dirt on the surface of the mold can be cleaned. However, the mold is also corroded to make the mold more hairy. In general, the mold can not be rushed to produce. After washing, it can be sprayed with an appropriate amount of external mold release agent in order to reduce the degree of adhesion. The

   If the degree of corrosion of the mold is severe, it is necessary to perform sandblasting or plating before processing or production.