How to clean silicone watch strap

- Mar 12, 2018-

  1. Silicone material is internationally recognized as non-toxic and environmentally friendly, resistant to high and low temperatures, acid and alkali resistant, flexible, easy to clean and maintain, as a strap, can be considered the best material. In the hot summer days, people are prone to sweating. Although the silicone strap is waterproof, it should be washed with toothpaste for a period of time. After washing, it is best to spray a thin layer of oil on the hand, so that it can be decontaminated. The role of antistatic, but also increase the shiny silicone cream strap, is not very powerful.

  2. Clean silicone watch with black spots, stains, as long as the toothbrush dipped in a little soapy water, quickly scrub the silicone watch with a dirty place, and then use a slightly damp cloth to dry the strap on it.

  3. With regard to the maintenance of silicone watch bands, watch band hardening is one of the most common symptoms. If the silica gel strap is often in a humid environment it will accelerate its hardening rate. Therefore, in addition to the usual diligent maintenance, it is absolutely necessary to not twist the strap when it is hardened and replace the silicone strap at the right time.

  In short, the silicone watch belt cleaning and maintenance issues, mainly to see their own protection of the strap, we have time to clean it up, basically available for several years or even decades.