How to deal with black spots and dirt on the silicone rubber pad

- Mar 14, 2018-

Silicone rubber pad has a wide range of functions and can be used in many industries. However, the phenomenon of adsorbing black spots for daily life may affect the appearance of the product. Therefore, the custom processing of silicone gaskets will take different approaches. Measures to deal with, first of all to proceed with product quality, to ensure the appearance of the product quality and black spots impurities, mainly for a class of white may be more!

Followed by the appearance of the role of processing, due to the surface of the daily life of gasket products is more important, anti-static oil injection process naturally can not be less, silicone products manufacturers will be sprayed on the surface of the gasket on the surface of the oil spray and then placed in the oven high temperature drying After the surface is dry, it will have a smooth and comfortable surface, and it will not appear as a result of sticky ash contamination in long-term use!

When the silicone gasket is used to clean the impurity stains, there is a certain difference between the fuel injection product and the non-injection product. The appearance is smooth and natural and easier to clean. However, how to deal with some gaskets that have not been treated with oil but have dirty black spots? It needs to be cleaned with acetone or ethanol and white oil and other compounds will have a very good effect! So we must remind everyone that silicone products have a certain adsorption capacity, in the case of conventional placement it will automatically absorb the surrounding dust and hair, the surface electrostatic treatment will get a different effect!