How to deal with impurities in silicone products?

- Mar 30, 2018-

Silicone products manufacturers in the production of silica gel products, will encounter black spots on the surface of silica gel impurities phenomenon, in the face of this bad situation, silicone products manufacturers are how to deal with it?

    Black spots appear on the surface of silica gel products. Impurities are mainly distributed in white, transparent colors and other bright colored products. This phenomenon is also plagued by silicone product manufacturers.

     The first step is to check whether black spots are present during the mixing of raw materials.

     The second is to ensure that the machine and the surrounding health are done.

   Third, due to the strong adsorption of silica gel, it is necessary to pay attention to the dust and stick raw materials, and the compounded rubber must be sealed.

     As long as you do these aspects can basically solve the problem of black spots on the surface of silicone products!