How to determine if a silicone product factory is reliable?

- Mar 17, 2018-

   The influence of a brand determines the number of consumers, and the influence is not to spend money simply advertising, can be recognized and trusted by consumers, it is certainly the quality of its products. At present, the silica gel products industry has gradually moved into different fields, and the popular production volume has also increased. What are the conditions needed to process or produce silicone products and how should the mining suppliers look for them?

   1. The qualification and strength of a company

  Need to understand the processing or custom silicone products, first of all whether the company's qualification certificate is complete, the various certification testing certificates such as: ISO90001, ISO14001 and other certificates, production is licensed. Secondly, is the strength of the company strong, and its specific aspects of personnel, machinery and equipment, business size, funding, delivery is on time and so on.

    2. Excellent technology and management

   A high-quality silicone product manufacturer must have excellent “leaders” to lead the group to develop better. The technical team that needs years of rich experience can better solve and recommend methods when it comes to technical issues related to silicone products. Can produce quality products.