How to distinguish and buy stainless steel kitchenware

- Apr 22, 2018-


   With the magnet sucking the bottom, it sucks 430, and it sucks 304 and 18-10. However, the pot edge of the 304 pot or the front and back ends of the spoon may sometimes absorb because of the magnetic properties of the polishing. So the most accurate way is to suck the bottom. The domestic use of more is 201 mixed steel, non-magnetic material, steel is relatively soft!


  First of all, when consumers purchase stainless steel products, they should carefully check whether the materials and steel numbers used on the outer packaging are marked and can be judged by magnets. The stainless steels used in the production of tableware mainly include "austenitic" stainless steel and "martensitic" stainless steel. Bowls, plates, etc. are generally produced from "austenitic" stainless steel. "Austenitic" stainless steel is not magnetic; knives, forks, etc. are generally produced from "martensitic" stainless steel, and "martensitic" stainless steel is magnetic.