How to distinguish between good and bad silicone products?

- Mar 16, 2018-

How to identify good or bad silicone products? There are numerous silicone products on the market and there are countless manufacturers. How to identify products in many products is good or bad, select the regular manufacturer's compliance with the safety of qualified products?

1. Look at registered trademarks

Silicone products with registered trademarks can be used with confidence. Registered trademark refers to a trademark that has been approved by the relevant government departments for registration. It is protected by law and the trademark registrant enjoys the exclusive right to use the trademark. A registered trademark is a mark that identifies a product, service, or specific individual or business associated with it. Products that do not have a registered trademark are not necessarily products that meet the food safety requirements of regular companies. Avoid purchasing such unprotected products during the purchase process.

2. Look at food testing certification mark

Silicone products can be sold only after undergoing food testing certification according to product requirements. Domestic brands have QS, 3C certification and so on. Foreign brands are IFS, LFGB (Europe), JAS (Japan), FDA (USA), HACCP (US, UK, Australia, Canada), BRC (UK), etc. If the imported brand does not have international food quality certification, it is not safe and reliable; if the domestic brand has international food quality certification, it can be exported to the world and the quality is more secure.

3. Look at the smell of texture

From the aspect of the characteristics of the hand, high-quality silicone products are good toughness, flexibility, not easily because of external forces and permanent deformation, and feel will feel more smooth, and poor quality products are easily deformed, feel is also relatively rough, poor quality There is no layer of grease on the surface of the product.

From the odor point of view, high-quality silicone products are non-toxic, odorless and colorless products. The texture is good and does not harm the human body. However, inferior products are very effective in achieving these effects. They are generally poisonous and pungent, and they are also relatively rough. !

4. To see the effect of combustion

Identify by flame burning method. Due to impurities, poor quality silicone products appear black smoke when burning and black powder remains. High quality silicone products emit white smoke no matter what color is burned, and the burning residue is white powder.

Eyesight, learn to distinguish the pros and cons, in order to choose safe and secure products.