How to distinguish silicone ice cream and silicone cake mold?

- Mar 22, 2018-

   Silicone kitchenware on the market is unevenly categorized, with no clear boundaries. Silicone ice cream, silicone cake molds and silicone chocolate molds are common in silicone kitchen utensils. Whether it is in the product structure or the appearance of the product are generally similar, it is difficult to clearly distinguish between. How to distinguish silicone ice cream and silicone cake mold? Where is the difference?

    In fact, the two designs are very close. The difference is that the ice tray mold is smaller than the cake mold in size, and the depth is shallow.

   The shape of the common ice cube molds can be very fine and sharp. The grooves can be very fine and the pattern can be detailed. The ice cubes can be hollowed out. Silicone ice cube product shapes can be designed according to personal ideas, generally divided into four categories: fruit shape, animal shape, letter shape, pictographic shape (such as square, round, heart-shaped, etc.); of course, there are many other shapes, For example, the shape of a car, the shape of a cartoon character, etc.; as long as the idea is in hand, the shape of the product can be freely designed.

   In comparison, the shapes of common silicone cake molds are larger and more rounded, and the biggest difference between ice cubes is that they will not be designed into large water chestnuts and detailed grooves. The cakes that come out are mostly solid. There are few hollow molding designs. Can be used to make cakes, pizza, bread, mousse, jelly, conditioning food, chocolate, pudding, fruit pie and so on.