How to find a qualified silicone products processing plant

- Mar 13, 2018-

   First, understand the scale of silicone products factory, provision such as the number of production equipment, how many testing equipment, technology is complete, how many production staff? From these data, you can determine whether the factory can meet the production of their own orders.

   Second, it is very important to understand whether the silicone product factory has the ability to design and develop products. This can be used to evaluate and improve the feasibility of the production of silica gel products from a more professional point of view. It can even be used for production efficiency. Increase and reduce costs to make a contribution, allowing you to occupy a greater share of the market and make more profits.

   Third, to understand whether the silicone products factory in which kind of silicone products

  Fourth, understand whether or not the silicone product factory passed the quality system certification and strictly enforced the system. Like some small silicone product processing plants, they are the bosses or individual managers who have the final say and do not follow the procedures. That is no rule. As the saying goes, no rules no success. If the well-established factories, work is organized, quality control can be done.