How to formulate high hardness silicone rubber

- Apr 16, 2018-

Silicone rubber has been applied in different industries, and the requirements of different industries are not the same. For example, in the special printing industry, the required silicon rubber products are often of high hardness. At present, traditional hot stamping adopts copper and zinc plates, which can only be hot stamped and cannot meet the requirements for hot stamping of various shapes. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a high temperature resistance (250 °C) with good compression resilience. Shore A Hardness can be controlled at 60, 70, 80 and 90, and easy to process elastomers.

Selection of silicone rubber as the matrix of this material, comparison of the hardness and mechanical properties of A12O3 and fumed silica (AS) filled silicone rubber, the effect of A12O3 surface treated with silane coupling agent on the properties of silicone rubber, addition of metal oxides The role of silicone rubber heat resistance, with the hardness of silicone rubber compound, and how to improve the heat resistance and compression resilience of silicone rubber.

Adding AS and A12O3 can increase the Shore A hardness of silicone rubber. AS improves the hardness of silicone rubber significantly better than A12O3, but it has an adverse effect on the heat aging resistance of silicone rubber. When Shore A hardness reaches 90, the high-temperature performance of A12O3-filled silicone rubber is significantly better than that of AS-filled systems. Therefore, replacing the part of AS with A1 0 can improve the heat resistance of the silicone rubber under the premise of meeting the performance requirements. Treatment of A12O3 with a silane coupling agent A 151 improves the surface activity of A12O3, and the optimal mass ratio of A 151/A12O3 is 1:100. The use of R 401/40 S raw rubber, together with a certain amount of A12O3/A 151, can make silicone rubber products with different hardness, meet different requirements, and its compression resilience is good. When a silicone rubber with a Shore A hardness of 80 and a silicone rubber with a Shore A hardness of 80 is required for its mechanical properties, its compressive resilience is reduced at the same time.

In summary, the high hardness of silicone rubber is not only applicable to the special printing industry, but also applicable to other industries. Only the hardness of silicone rubber increases, other properties will also change accordingly, will cause other factors. Therefore, ES silicone products factory proposed to be deployed according to the actual situation, select the appropriate hardness, this will not only avoid the waste of unsuitable money, but also help improve work efficiency.