How to identify true and false silicone

- Apr 12, 2018-

  With the increasing popularity of silicone products, the use of more and more extensive, more and more people use different materials to impersonate silicone products, there are two reasons: 1. Silicone products cost more than other materials; 2 Silicone products are environmentally friendly. This is a lot of other materials that cannot meet the requirements.

  Here's how to identify genuine and fake silicones:

  1. The simplest method is to use a lighter to burn. Silicone products are ash of white powder regardless of color. Rubber is black ash and plastic is gelatinous.

  2. From the product's hardness: Silicone products are generally soft, easy to stretch, and other materials have poor stretchability

  3. From the aspect of product odor: Silicone is an odorless product, other materials are more or less a little odor, rubber taste is heavy

  4. From the touch point of view: real silicone feel smooth, fake silicone feel thick super

  5. True silicone products will have sticky dust, false silica gel will not stick dust