How to increase the vulcanization speed of silicone rubber products?

- Mar 19, 2018-

   1. Outline of silicone rubber

  High-temperature silicone rubber mixing silicone rubber is a common silica gel products, common silicone high temperature temperature between 200 °C -300 °C. The maximum temperature can reach 350 °C in a short time, often used for special performance requirements of silica gel. The high temperature resistant silicone tube is a hose composed of four or five layers of reinforced fabric and silicone rubber. The thickness of the silicone tube fabric layer is 0.4mm to 0.5mm, and the product can be continuously used at 250°C and used intermittently at 300°C.

   2. Silicone rubber vulcanization

  The vulcanization of silicone rubber products refers to the vulcanized silicone rubber under conditions of vulcanization time, temperature and pressure. The process of chemical crosslinking of silicone rubber molecules. We all know that low-temperature vulcanization has good product performance, but the output of the product will be reduced and the cost will increase. So many manufacturers will think about how can we improve the vulcanization speed of silicon rubber products, shorten molding time, increase production efficiency, and reduce production costs without affecting product quality?

   1. The amount of vulcanizing agent added in the raw material of silica gel can be appropriately increased, or a quick vulcanizing agent can be selected, so as to accelerate the vulcanization speed of the silicone product and shorten the molding time.

   2. The vulcanization temperature during molding can be appropriately increased, but the general product structure will be different, so the specific temperature needs to be determined by tests.

   3. Change the way of discharging the raw materials of silica gel so as to make the silicone material as full as possible during the pressurization process.

   4. Change the exhaust frequency and exhaust stroke. According to common sense, the greater the exhaust stroke, the greater the number of exhausts will be conducive to exhaust. However, this is not the case. We need to decide according to the structure of the product. Some silicone products have large exhaust strokes, but bubbles and other problems will occur.

   5. Molding operators to speed up the operating speed, minimize the time outside the mold, in order to stabilize the temperature of silicone mold products, improve the curing rate of silicone products.