How to make an egg beater

- Apr 21, 2018-

Material: Mineral water bottle, scissors

Production steps:

1. Homemade egg beater, first of all we need to prepare a bottle of mineral water.

2. Then cut the bottom of the bottle with scissors and cut it to the length you think fit.

3. Then, on the cut bottle, cut several knives with scissors, one centimeter apart from each knife, and cut into strips.

4. Then fold the bar into the bottle and a simple egg beater is ready.

5. Then we started to beat eggs. First we separated the egg whites from the egg yolks with a beverage bottle.

6. Add two drops of vinegar and a little white sugar to the egg white, which is good for protein.

7. Then begin to beat eggs with a homemade eggbeater.

8. After 3 minutes of playing, the egg white has started to turn white. Then add a little sugar and continue to send it for 2 minutes.

9. At this time, the egg white has been completely labeled as a protein bubble. Even if the bowl is inverted, bubbles will not slide.

10. After using the egg beater, wash it with clean water, so that it can continue to be used next time. It is very environmentally friendly.