How to Open a Can Without a Can Opener

- Apr 30, 2018-

  Have you ever headed out for a nice weekend of camping only to end up frustrated and hungry because you forgot one little thing… a can opener? Fortunately there is a little trick that lets you open up any tin can with nothing more than a rock.

  Modern cans are sealed using a roller that bends the top of the can over the wall and the bends it again to form a leak proof crimp in the can. This leaves only a small amount of metal around the top lip of the can that actually seals the contents.

  If you ever find yourself without a can opener simply find a large flat rock or piece of concrete, the rougher the better.  Simply place the can upside down on the rock and press down slightly.  Begin sliding the can back and forth across the rock until you begin to see moisture from the contents being left behind.

  Once you see the juice, it means that the seal on the can has been broken and you should be able to use a knife or other sturdy utensil to pry the top of the can off.  If you are not concerned with saving water and only want the food, you can keep sliding the can across the rock to further erode the seal and make opening the can easier.

  This is a much safer alternative than trying to hack away at the can with your pocket knife and if you apply the right amount of pressure should take you less than a minute open.