How to open red wine without a bottle opener?

- Apr 25, 2018-

   In case of this kind of situation, you can try to carry items such as serrated knives and keys. Insert the serrated knife into the middle of the stopper 2-3 cm. Turn the bottle and pull the knife together with the stopper. If you do not succeed at one time, you can repeat the second and third times until the stopper is removed. If you only have the key at hand, you can insert the key at a 45-degree angle into the edge of the cork and use the same procedure as the serrated knife.

  The bottle opening method has always been considered by everyone to be a very wonderful method, but there are certain reasons. The specific method is: Turn the bottle upside down and repeatedly hit the bottom of the shoes with soft sole shoes or flat shoes. After the stopper is pushed out to a certain position, pull it out by hand.

  There is really no available tool. Consider using a hard object to stuff the stopper slightly into the bottle. This method is also commonly used to break the stopper and cannot be removed. It has to be inserted into the bottle.