How to prevent degradation and aging of silicone products in dry weather?

- Mar 15, 2018-

  In daily life, we all know that ozone will continue to appear with the ultraviolet rays in dry weather, and silicone products will accelerate aging under the oxidation of ozone and moisture, so when the silicone products are left in dry weather for too long, the outer part will gradually fall off, and the color It will also become lighter or more yellowish as it falls off, so that the product will gradually become less glamorous and look very old. Then how should silicone products be prevented from deteriorating and aging in dry weather?

  In dry weather, the silicone products can be placed in a bright and well-ventilated place, so that it can keep dry and prevent moisture. Naturally, it will not peel off. Second, if the inventory of silica gel products is dry, use a humidifier to keep the product cool.