How to prevent dust from silicone products?

- Mar 19, 2018-

After the production of silicone products, usually. Stocks of silicone products stored in warehouses without any packaging, disposal conditions for too long, silicone products will stick a lot of dust above, dusty silicone products above it is too much trouble to clean, if the number is large, it will take a lot of manpower and time , Makes me; Profit drops, sometimes even makes my product devalue due to appearance is not beautiful, then my silicone product factory should be how to solve the dust on silica gel products? Now teach everyone how to prevent dust on silicone products:

1. Spray feel oil

Not only the dustproof effect is very good, but the silicone product surface is sprayed with a layer of feel oil. And it feels good, but the interest has increased, but the relative appreciation of the product can still be considered

2. Packaging and disposal

Then put it in a plastic box, and then use a high-pressure air gun to clean the silicone in the plastic bag. Finally, cover it with a lid so that it will not be afraid that dust will stick to the surface of the silicone product.

3. Deal with static electricity

It is normal to change the formula to eliminate static electricity and achieve dust protection. Silica gel products have static electricity. However, it is not realistic that this will lead to unstable performance of silicone products and does not meet international standards, and customers will not agree.

Plus silica gel is a non-petroleum product, superior performance of silicone products. Not relying on the increasingly scarce oil resources, making silicone products become substitutes for similar plastic products has become a general trend. At the same time, silicone products can be applied to many areas where plastic products cannot be used, such as baby teats, human organs, etc. broad.