How to prevent the iron pan rusty

- May 20, 2018-

  1. After washing the wok, put the wok on a gas stove and dry it. At the same time, use a spatula to put it in. The heat of the wok will also dry the spatula so that it will prevent the wok from rusting. The effect is very good.

  2. If you have a wok that you don’t use at home for a long time, we can wipe the oil on the wok or fat-fat pork, pork skin and other things. Then use a soft rag or luffa wire to wash the pan, and then hang the wok in a cool, ventilated place. Place, avoid direct sunlight.

  3. Try not to use the wok to boil or boil water. If you must use it, then after using the wok, touch the oil on the wok.

  4. Do not use too hard spatula, but also to avoid the steel ball and other hard things vigorously brush pan.