How to properly disinfect kitchen utensils

- Mar 23, 2018-

  Tableware kitchen disinfection methods are mainly boiling water disinfection, hot steamed tableware, dishwasher disinfection, disinfection cabinet disinfection, bleach, as well as ultraviolet light can also be sterilized, the following by the silicone kitchenware manufacturers Xiaobian to give you a detailed introduction to kitchen utensils disinfection Operation method.




   First: The first thought of amplification should be disinfection with boiling water. Boiling water can kill many bacteria. I put the dishes into the pot and boil the water for about ten minutes. This can effectively disinfect tableware.



Second: In addition to using boiled water, there is a similar method is to put the dishes in the bamboo drawer, and then open the water like a steamed bun steamed like hot steam, so that can be sterilized in about the middle, natural cooling after disinfection can.



   Third: Dishwashers can also be sterilized by washing dishes. We can buy a dishwasher on the market to wash dishes, which can be sterilized every day, but this depends on your own living conditions.


  Fourth: buy a dishwasher is a waste, buy a sterilizer is very good, after washing dishes, dry water and then placed inside the sterilizer, so that at any time will be very safe.

   Fifth: We all know that ultraviolet light can be disinfected. At noon when the sun is sufficient, we can put the cleaned dishes under the sun for an hour. This way, we can sterilize ultraviolet rays.


   Sixth: The bleaching powder also has a disinfection effect. We can buy some of the bleaching powder used for cleaning the dishes and then add the water to soak the dishes. Rinse them after soaking. This is a good way to disinfect.

   In addition to bleaching powder, we can go to the mall to buy disinfectant used to disinfect tableware to wash dishes. However, we must go to a more formal shopping mall to purchase the selected tableware. This will be more reliable, and then we must use clean water after disinfection. Rinse it several times and rinse thoroughly.


  Tableware kitchen utensils will grow bacteria for a period of time, so be sure to regularly check the kitchen utensils, cleaning, disinfection and maintenance work, effectively avoid the use of unsanitary kitchen utensils affect the health.