How to remove the kitchen oil

- May 29, 2018-

  After each cook's food, a large amount of fume is left behind by various kitchen utensils that will be attached to it, such as the long time, the difficulty of forming grease stains to remove, cleaning is a headache thing, cleaning kitchen utensils in the face of these difficulties, can not blindly use Vacuum cleaners always need to find the right way.

  Use toilet paper: Put toilet paper or paper towel on the tile, spray detergent on the top of the detergent for a period of time, the detergent will not fall off everywhere, and the grease will stick to it. Just tear off the toilet paper and use a clean cloth to dip water. Wipe 1 to 2 times, the tiles can be completely replaced.

  Routine Maintenance: In fact, the daily maintenance of simple cleaning controls C reduces the workload and reduces the difficulty of work. Because it is relatively small and relatively shallow, it is easier to clean. In the daily small-scale oil pollution, you can use the old toothbrush to clean, not only Clean and labor-saving.

  Candle cleaning: Because the surface of the candle is very smooth, even if stained with oil, just gently wipe the candle and clean. After washing the tile and tile seams, it is greasy, and only need to use normal detergent to scrub normally.

  Flour decontamination method: Use surface oil to treat stainless steel kitchen utensils, just sprinkle a little flour on top, then use old soft plastic or cloth. It is clean and novel, saving detergent and clean water.

  These kitchen utensils long difficult to avoid with oil, in addition to the usual cleaning methods, cleaning the kitchenware, the service life, but also on the basis of keeping the kitchen utensils on a regular basis, according to the correct use of these kitchen utensils and household appliances to keep the kitchenware clean as new .