How to repair the bad appearance of silicone products?

- Mar 15, 2018-

 In the production process of silicone products, the appearance of poor appearance products has always been a matter of concern for the silicone products factory. This is directly related to the reputation of the factory and affects the development of the enterprise. So what is the appearance of bad products? What is the remedy?

  The unfavorable conditions of silicone products are numbness, stains, wraps, dark marks, missing materials, etc. The appearance of these poor appearance products is due to the molding process. The following focuses on how to repair the common appearance of bad products. Bad product numbness

  Bad product numbness

  There are many reasons for the poor numbness of silicone products, mainly relying on the control of mold temperature and exhaust to achieve repairs.

  Poor product stain

  For the surface modification of the surface of the silicone products, the method of the stain spotting is: first, look at the condition of the surface stains. If the stains on the surface are very light and small, you can lightly grind them directly with fine sandpaper; if the stains are relatively deep or large, first apply the stains. Dig up the area with a razor blade, pay attention to the sharpness of the razor blade, and cut the kerf when digging.

  Poor product wind

  Pick some unfamiliar or no-white spots silicone products. The local unfamiliarity caused by the low mold temperature can press the uncooked rubber material tightly and then put it into the mold for vulcanization. As for the white point generated by the improper exhaust gas, press the hand first and press it normally. , but can not afford to put directly on the mold pressurization cure well.

  Dark product defects

  There are currently no rework methods for dark marks on silicone products, so dark marks can only be avoided.

  Defective product lack of rubber

  Can only pick a slight lack of material, in the lack of glue to make up the point of raw rubber, must not be more, just uneven or slightly less, with a blade to fill up the raw rubber leveled, and then put into the forming mold pressure vulcanization. Note that when the pressure rework is performed, it must be a tilt-type machine, and the orbital machine will press the product against the pressure when the mold is closed. In addition, the spring must be removed and the exhaust gas must be turned off. The pressure is set at 50kg/cm2.

  To sum up:

  Although some silicone products can be repaired when their appearance is poor, if they are difficult to repair silica gel products will seriously affect the development of the enterprise, so the production process should be strictly controlled the quality of silica gel production, do not ignore the speed for the most Important things.