How to save energy in kitchenware?

- Mar 15, 2018-

      Nowadays people's demand for kitchenware is not only beautiful, clean and orderly, but also choose their favorite colors. Kitchenware is no longer single now, the color is diversified, the personality is more meticulous. OK, kitchen utensils are well-arranged, but how to use kitchen utensils to save energy, this is a problem that many people are concerned about. Now, let's take a look at how the kitchen utensils can save energy!

Rice cooker:



Cook the same amount of rice, the 700-watt rice cooker is more time- and energy-efficient than the 500-watt rice cooker; the washed rice is soaked for 10 minutes before cooking, which saves electricity.




Induction cooker:



Keep the electric heating plate clean. Because the electric heating plate will continue to adhere to oily dirt, a long time will carbonize the film, affecting the thermal conductivity and increasing power consumption.






It is best to place it in a sheltered area or add a wind shield to prevent the flame from shifting out of the pot. Adjust the size of the air inlet so that the gas is fully burned. The judgment method is to see if the flame is clear, whether it is pure blue, and whether the combustion is stable.






Use a suitable stove shelf based on the height of the pot, and the height should be such that the outer flame of the flame contacts the bottom of the pot. The size of the pan should be adjusted according to the size of the bottom of the pan. It is advisable that the flame be slightly bent after the contact with the bottom of the pan, and the bottom of the flame be suitable. The pan with a large diameter can save more gas than the sharp pan.






Do not boil the water before it is cooled against cold water. Instead, burn the cold water directly to the required temperature.



Microwave oven:



If a non-toxic plastic film or lid is added to the processed food, the moisture in the food is not easy to evaporate, and the taste is good and power is saved.



Electric drinking fountains:



The long-term heat preservation consumes more power, and it is recommended that the vacuum flask of the traditional vacuum flask be temporarily stored without frequent use.






The storage volume of food is about 80%, and storing the food too dense will increase the compressor running time.



Energy-saving kitchen utensils is also very particular about the kitchen energy-saving methods shared above, hoping to help you.