How to scientifically use silicone kitchenware?

- Mar 22, 2018-

   In everyone's family life, cooking and baking in the kitchen are inseparable from kitchenware. It is understood that different kitchen utensils function differently and have different effects. Therefore, many things need to be taken care of before use, especially silicone kitchenware (silicone gloves, silicone scrapers, and silicone brushes, etc.). Silicone kitchen utensils use imported food-grade silica gel as the material, environmental protection and hygiene, and at the same time have the characteristics of non-stick, easy to clean, high temperature resistance and so on. Can pass FDA, LFGB quality inspection, ensure that the majority of users can rest assured that use, widely used in food cooking, quick-freezing and baking.

   What is the difference between plastic meals compared to the stylish and safe silicone kitchenware? Plastic tableware do not store oil foods for a long time. Plastic is a synthetic polymer compound containing some chemicals. The long-term storage of edible oils and oily foods can easily release harmful substances; in addition, it is not appropriate to hold boiling water. After each use of plastic utensils, they must be washed and put away immediately.

   Silicone kitchen utensils, like silicone baking mats, do not need to be greased when used, directly on the baking tray when the baking pan pad can be used to save oil and tin foil, suitable for baking ordinary biscuits, bread and other easy to smash and fragile Various snacks. The edge of the mat can be printed with a ruler and a circular pattern, making it easy to peel, peel and slice the cake; when it is not in use, it can be cleaned and rolled up for collection. It is highly recommended!