How to select can opener

- May 16, 2018-

  A can opener that is used to open or remove the top from a metal can. There are a wide variety of different designs available ranging from manually operated small tools to automated openers that quickly and easily remove the top of the can.


  When selecting can openers, review the models available, evaluating the features that will be most important to consider. Some lower-priced can openers contain cutting blades and compression components that provide a rough edge around the can and the opened top that can result in cuts to the hand if not carefully handled. In addition, the cutting mechanisms may tend to become coated with grease over a period of time and as foods may come in contact with the residue a contamination of the foods being opened may occur. Also, many openers drop the lid into the can after the cutting blades have circulated completely around the can top, requiring removal by hand and exposing the contents to another source of possible contamination with both the can lid submerged in the can contents and the use of hands to retrieve the lid.