How to simply use silicone chocolate mold DIY to make chocolate?

- Mar 22, 2018-

   Before making chocolate with silicone chocolate mold, first make sure that the silicone mold is clean, before use, it needs to be cleaned, and then melt and cool the appropriate temperature chocolate into the mold; the chocolate around the mold can be scraped clean with the matching silicone scraper to make the inner wall of the mold evenly stained Layers of chocolate.

   After the chocolate has just solidified, it immediately cools the uncooled chocolate filling into the mold shell, and then places the silicone chocolate mold in the refrigerator, and then waits for the chocolate filling to solidify; the bottom of the shell is sealed with some chocolate and the silicone chocolate is sealed The mold is placed in the refrigerator; join the rum-made rum chocolate filling with caramel-caramel chocolate, add chestnut velvet and chestnut-flavored chocolate, etc. A delicious chocolate feast is born in your hands!