How to Slice Ginger

- Apr 28, 2018-

  1. Freeze the ginger. Wrap the ginger in plastic and store it in your freezer. This is a useful trick for grating ginger. Freezing the ginger makes it much easier to grate. 

  2. Use a ginger grating plate. There are special graters created for ginger. They usually look like a ceramic shallow bowl, with a raised area containing small ceramic teeth, used to grate the surface of the ginger. Hold the bowl firmly against the countertop and rub the ginger back and forth across the teeth. This will yield finely sliced ginger and the bowl will catch some of the juice.

Depending on how strong you would like the flavor of ginger to be in your dish, you can choose to peel or leave the skin on.

  3. Use a metal grater. If you prefer peeled ginger, scrape away the skin. Hold a grater in one hand, usually your non-dominant hand, and frozen ginger in the other. Press the ginger against the grater and begin scraping it quickly back and forth, lengthwise along the grater. Place a bowl or plate underneath the grater to catch the bits of ginger that fall from the grater.