How to solve the phenomenon of bursting in low hardness silicone gifts?

- Mar 14, 2018-

Silicone products appear cracked corners, die-bonding and splitting phenomenon seriously plague the product's bad phenomenon, product explosion phenomenon has become normal in the flat vulcanization process, for many silicone gifts in low hardness and arc and cylindrical In the case of a shape, it is easy to see a crack in the burst edge, so I concluded that several reasons have caused the cracking of the edge of the silicone rubber product.

The main reason for the occurrence of bursting is due to the fact that the product has a certain degree of curvature when the hardness of the silicone gift is low, and when the mold is clamped up and down, there is a certain gap in the inside, which may cause the product to burst. The most common product is It is round and low hardness, so this is mainly due to errors in the mold accuracy, CNC correction and tool compensation and other factors during the mold processing.

The raw material fluidity is too bad, the raw material nature belongs to the low hardness, so when adding the silicon resin and the vinyl silicon oil, there is an error caused by the combination of the time and temperature of the machine itself and the pressure deployment occurs the phenomenon of product explosion, this phenomenon can be from the machine Make some adjustments! Processing vulcanization speed is not stable. When the temperature of the machine table and mold is increased or decreased, the product often has the phenomenon of bursting and bulging, and the temperature and time of the mixing machine often form a cycle. There is no permanent solution to the explosion!

Solution: When the mold is processed, the gap between the upper and lower molds can be reduced as much as possible to maintain the normal vulcanization processing during the processing of the silicone product manufacturers. When mixing, the mixing degree of the raw materials and the vulcanization should be high, and the raw materials should be kept uniformly mixed as far as possible. , The weight and placement method of the control product during production and processing. When the edge burst, the temperature of the platform is reduced and the product does not burst. However, the best way to control the phenomenon of bursting of silicone gifts here is to maintain the normal operation of the machine, the normal stability in and out of the mold to maintain the normal product!