How to Use a Camp Can Opener

- Apr 30, 2018-

1.Hold the can opener securely with your finger gripping the flat surface of the can opener (not the blade). Your index finger should fit between the other side of the flat surface and the back of the small blade.

Camp can openers are made for use with the right hand. If you are left handed, make sure you are comfortable using your right hand to open the can, or you may be cut by the blade.

2. Hold the can firmly with your left hand.

3. Place the flat surface of the can opener and your thumb perpendicular to the rim of the can. The blade should go over the inside edge at the top of the can. The point on the blade will rest on the inside edge, where you want to cut the can.

4. Turn your right hand down as if you were turning a key in a car's ignition. This will cause the blade to insert into the top of the can.

5. Move your right hand slightly back and turn the can opener like a key again.

6. Turn the can counterclockwise with your left hand so that you can allow your right hand better access to the un-cut edge of the can.

7. Continue to turn the can opener into the uncut edges with your right hand, as you move it with your left hand, until the edge of the can top is completely cut.

8. Clean your camp can opener. Close it at the hinge before storing.