How to Use a Can Opener

- Apr 28, 2018-

Using an Old-Fashioned Can Opener

1. Carefully place the “knife” part of the can opener nearly perpendicular to the edge of the top of the can. Then using controlled force, push the knife part of the can opener down into it. With a little practice, it should slide right in.

This type of can opener used to be referred as a “stab push,” and some people still prefer to use it, even over the modern ones.

2. Be careful when you do this. If you don’t hold the can tightly, or if the blade of the can opener isn't sharp enough, it could slip. If it’s at the right angle, you could end up cutting yourself. Until you’ve done it a few times, it’s probably a good idea to do it with another person.

3. Hold the opener with the blade part down. Now insert the blade into the hole you just made. This time you want it as close to parallel to the edge of the can as possible. Push the blade down again, more gently this time, opening another hole.

4. Fit one of the grooves on the stem of the can opener into the edge of the can that is now slightly raised. “See-Saw” the blade up (cutting) and down, moving around the can as you go. The edge of the can will now be rough and incredibly sharp. Be sure to not rest either hand close to the edge. Enjoy the contents of the can.