How to Use a Corkscrew

- May 09, 2018-

  Pull the foil cutter out from the bottom of the corkscrew. Hold the corkscrew in one hand and pull the foil cutter tabs with your other hand to release the cutter.

  Use the foil cutter to cut through foil that covers the top of the bottle by pressing the prongs of the foil cutter into the foil while you turn the bottle once or twice. Remove the foil cover and throw away the foil.

  Extend the corkscrew completely, and position the point of the corkscrew in the center of the cork.

  Hold the corkscrew in place so it won’t shift away from the cork, and turn the knob clockwise to make the corkscrew bore into the cork. Continue turning the knob until the corkscrew bores through the cork completely.

  Pull the cork from the bottle by pulling the corkscrew straight up out of the bottle.

  Turn the knob counter-clockwise to remove the cork from the corkscrew. Pull the cork gently away from the corkscrew when you finish unscrewing it.

  Place the foil cutter back into the bottom of the bottle opener and lock it into place tightly.