How to use and frequently asked questions about silicone cake molds

- Sep 18, 2018-

I. how to use the silicone cake mold

Step 1. Wash with hot water (diluted edible cleaner) or in the dishwasher after the first time and after each use. Do not use cleaner or foam with abrasion force.Make sure the silicone cups are thoroughly dry before each use and before storage.

Step 2. When baking, the silica gel cup should be separated from the flat baking dish.Do not let the mold dry roasting, such as a six - die, you only fill three mold, another three mold must be filled with water.Otherwise the mold will burn out and the service life will be reduced.In order to achieve the best baking effect, a small amount of non-stick baking pan oil can be lightly sprayed on the surface of the silicone cup before baking.

Step 3. When the baking process is completed, remove the entire baking pan from the oven and place the baking product on a cooling rack until completely cold.

Step 4. The silicon calibrator can only be used in the oven, oven and microwave oven. It should not be used directly on gas or electricity, or directly above the heating plate or under the grill.

Step 5. Do not use knives or other sharp instruments on the silica gel cup.

Step 6: silica gel mould (because of the relation of electrostatic), it is very easy to absorb dust, when not used for a long time, had better be put in carton, put in the shade.

Step 7 do not immediately flush with cold water after coming out of the oven to extend the service life!

2. Common problems of using silica gel cake molds:

* do silicone cake molds make cakes or other foods that smell bad?

Regular manufacturers of non-porous silicon cake mold is certainly no taste and smell, because the silicone material itself is non-toxic and tasteless materials, and high temperature resistance.

* how is the high temperature of cake mold distributed?

The cake mold meets the quality requirement, and the high quality manufacturing process ensures the uniform high temperature distribution.Regular manufacturer cake mold used uniform thickness of high density silicone, such a consistent high temperature distribution also improved uniform baking.

* will the silicone cake pan take a long time to cool?

When the pan is removed from the oven, it cools quickly and evenly.

* why do baking sheets bend?

Silicone is a flexible material, and the elasticity of a silicone cake pan allows the baking products to be forced out.

* will the baking pan deform if it is bent or folded?

The silicone material has a "memory" that makes it bounce back, and it's safe to wash, scrub and machine wash with water.

* can it be used for refrigerating and cooking?

Silicone baking molds are good for refrigerating cooking, such as jelly, ice cream and frozen confections.

* can metal and edge tools be placed in the silicone cake mold?

Do not place metal objects in the silicone cake molds, because metal objects in the microwave oven will produce a super high temperature, iron the mold.The same is true for edge tools.

* can the silicone cake mold be baked on the stove?

Do not put the silicone cake mold on the fire, will burn the mold.

* how do I clean the silicone cake molds?

Use abrasion soap and wash items for cleaning.Cleaning, soaking in warm soapy water or using the dishwasher is safe.

* how do I use it in the oven?

If necessary, place the silicone cake molds on a baking sheet and make the cake.

* how to use the silicone cake mould in the refrigerator freezer?

Spread the butter evenly over the silicone cake mold and place it in the refrigerator, keeping it level.