How to use egg beater

- Apr 21, 2018-

  Egg beater as a baking tool has been increasingly favored by the majority of West Point fans. With an eggbeater, you can easily make cakes, tarts, cookies and other foods at home. The egg beaters currently sold in the market generally have functions such as mixing, stirring, and whisking. Learning to use egg beaters correctly is the only way to make delicious pasta pastries.

  Before using the egg beater, remember to check whether there are obstacles in the rotating parts of the machine, whether the lubrication part of the multifunctional fresh milk egg beater is smooth and whether the inside of the dough bucket is clean. Use the voltage match, the safety ground is reliable, carefully read the instruction manual for the next step. There are the following levels of buttons on the handle of the eggbeater: Stirring speed 1-2 applies to mix dry items such as flour, potatoes, butter, etc. Grades 3-4 apply to liquid materials such as salad dressings; Level 5 applies to cakes, cookies, simple bread dough materials; Grade 6 butter, butter, sugar, such as dessert snacks; 7 applies to send eggs, icing, mashed potatoes, (high milk fat content) Foam with raw milk and so on. The screw rod of the egg scrambler has stirring function, and the round head stirring rod has the function of sending protein. According to the user's own needs to use the appropriate stirring egg stick, after each work is completed, the machine should be cleaned, the desktop egg beater needs to be covered with a box, to ensure health, but also need to be in the rotating part of the lubricant for the next use Convenience. Usually when the egg beater is used continuously for about 3-5 minutes, there will be signs of fever. Just let it rest and use it again. Only by using its correct method of use can you extend the life of the machine.