How to use egg beater

- Apr 21, 2018-

   For example, when making cakes: I used the manual egg beater in the initial stage of making cakes. However, the protein that was shot was always easy to collapse. Later I learned that a successful protein mainly depends on two points. The first is the speed of the egg beater. Then there is the proportion of sugar when playing protein. The speed of the egg beater cannot be reached, and the protein pores produced are very large, and it is easy to defoam, and the cake made is not shaped and thin. The sugar must reach 60% of the content, this ratio can guarantee the highest stability of the protein, it also means that the protein volume can be maximized.

   The use of electric egg beater is not difficult: the screws of the egg beater are used to stir the flour, and the round head is used to beat the protein. Insert one (two) stirring heads you need before each use. Take it out and clean it. The switch can be adjusted at high and low levels, with the lowest power at 1st gear

   Spiral egg beater: Place the egg bowl flat, hold the egg beater up and down, and hit the hard foaming state you want.