How to Use Every Surface in the kitchen

- May 10, 2018-

  When it comes to getting the most out of your kitchen storage, try to consider the unconventional ways you can use every surface, including the backsides of doors. Storage is just as integral to your kitchen as your cookware and appliances, but if you have a small kitchen, its easy to repurpose pantry doors with organizers for any additional storage space you may need. Installing hooks and bars on the back of cabinet doors makes it easy to hang pans, lids, and dish towels out of sight, while suspended shelves and spice racks keep your ingredients and other cooking necessities within easy reach. Organizing dry goods and cleaning supplies is simple and intuitive with over-the-door racks for the pantry or kitchen door, and magnetic tool racks can be fastened to a metal backsplash or fridge. Letting your doors and other unconventional kitchen surfaces work double-duty will help organize and open tons of new drawer, pantry, and counter space in your kitchen.