How to Use Kitchen Tongs

- Apr 28, 2018-

1. Use tongs for serving. Salads, croutons, nuts, fruit pieces, cheese cubes and more can all benefit from a pair of tongs sitting alongside the serving plate or tray. Many cafés leave tongs next to the muffins, cakes and pies to aid in picking up baked goods without having to touch them directly.

2. Use tongs for cooking. Tongs are fabulous for cooking. Use them to turn sausages, other meats and on the barbecue. Use them to pick out steamed vegetables, stir-fry and fried items, such as croquettes.

3. Use tongs to reach boxes, packets and cans at the back of the cupboard that are hard to get to.

4. Use tongs to pick up hot items in boiling water, such as pudding, cooked corn, boiled eggs, ramekins etc.

5. Use tongs to move hot items on the stove top (hob), such as saucepans.

6. Pick up items that have fallen down a crack between furniture or the bath and the bathroom cabinet. Anywhere that is too tight for your arm to reach down might be accessible with tongs, especially the barbecue variety of tongs (longer handles).

7. Take the tongs into the garden. Use them to reach fruit that is out of reach. Use them to reach beans and pea pods growing too high.

8. Use tongs at the barbecue. What self-respecting barbecue master would cook without a pair of good barbecue tongs?

9. Provide a dainty touch at morning or afternoon tea. Use mini tongs for taking out the sugar sachets and tea bags.