How to use manual and electric egg beater?

- Mar 12, 2018-

  1. Manual egg beater

  Manual egg beater is the easiest to use, just put the egg beater into the egg liquid to break it. Put the ingredients you need to stir in a pot or a bowl, and then use the eggbeater to stir the food evenly. The use of the manual egg beater is very simple. We are also very good in operation. Simple, it is very easy.

  2. Electric egg beater

  It is not difficult to use the electric egg beater. The sticks like the screw of the beater are used to stir the flour, and the round stir stick is used to beat the protein. Insert one (two) stirring heads you need before each use. Take it out and clean it. The switch can be adjusted at high and low levels, with the lowest power at 1st gear. The use of spiral egg beater is to lay the egg bowl flat, hold the egg beater up and down hard, hit the hard foaming state you want.