How to use silicone ice cube

- Mar 12, 2018-

  In the hot summer days, there is no shortage of ice in the icy cold drink. These ice cubes are made with silicone ice cubes. How do silicone ice cubes be used?

 NO.1: Use silicone ice cubes to make fruit ice cream frozen blocks and home-made yogurt accessories. Such as: banana ice cream, practice: Banana cut into small pieces, into the silicone ice cream, pour appropriate amount of yogurt, and then into the refrigerator to wait for ice, so delicious banana ice cream on the production OK!

  NO.2: Milk iced coffee, as long as you add milk in the ice tray, you can make ice latte. It is also good to replace coffee with truffle chocolate and cocoa powder.

  In fact, the use of silicone ice-cube itself can be tried, there are many tutorials online, how to use this problem for silicone ice lattice can be done according to their own novel ideas.