How to use stainless steel kitchen tools correctly

- Sep 12, 2018-

First, do not store strong acid food for a long time.

Such as beef, pork, melon, soybean, potato, sugar, beer and so on, in case of chromium, nickel and other metallic elements dissolution.

Second, do not store some "acidic alkaline" food for a long time.

The food left over should be thrown out in time, store these food for a long time, among them electrolyte is very easy corrode stainless steel tableware, electrolyte and the metal in its occurrence reaction may produce harmful poisonous material to human body, endanger human health.

Third, do not store salt, soy sauce, hot soup and so on for a long time.

These foods contain many electrolytes that, when left standing for long periods of time, the stainless steel will react with these electrolytes like any other metal, allowing harmful metallic elements to separate out.

Fourth, Chinese traditional medicine cannot be decocted with stainless steel products.

Because Chinese herbal medicine composition is complex, contain a variety of alkaloid, organic acid mostly.When heated, it is easy to react with some ingredients in stainless steel, so that the effect of the drug is reduced, which has adverse effects on health and may even produce some more toxic substances.

Fifth, do not use strong alkaline or strong oxidation chemical such as baking soda, bleach, such as washing stainless steel tableware.

Because these substances are electrolytes, they will react with stainless steel and easily rust stainless steel, thus producing substances harmful to human body.

Do not cook food on fire.

Because of the small thermal conductivity of stainless steel, the bottom heat dissipation slow, such as too much fire, can make stainless steel pot bottom burned, agglomeration.