How to use the electric egg beater

- May 29, 2018-

  1. The egg beater on the market is mostly 180W-300W power, it is recommended to choose about 250-300W. If the power is too low, it is not easy to send something and the product is easily burned. Another very important point is that it is equipped with a beater net and a stirring hook. For health reasons, it is recommended to buy stainless steel. Most of the eggs in the market are actually electroplating, and the coating is easily peeled off during use. If you are concerned about this, be sure to confirm clearly before buying.

  2. In fact, this is based on a portable model with a pedestal and a rotating mixing drum on top, which is convenient and labor-saving. In general, an eggbeater with a barrel can be relatively cost-effective when compared with a dough. For example, a bear base type egg beater can beat eggs and can also be mixed. When the egg is beaten, it can be separated and become a portable electric egg beater. Generally 300-500W power. When buying this kind of egg beater, it is recommended not to choose too cheap models. Generally speaking, the price is about 150-300 yuan.

  3. Fill the container with the material to be coated. Eggs need to be removed now.

  4. The spiral stirrer of the egg beater is used to stir the flour. The round-headed stir bar is used to send the protein. Use the stirring head you need before using it.

  5. According to the number of ingredients to be made and the ingredients, the number of stages to choose to stir is determined. Level 1 has the lowest power. Levels 1-2 of the blender are suitable for mixing dry items such as flour, butter, etc. Grades 3-4 are suitable for liquids; Levels 5 are for mixing dough for making cakes, cookies and other foods.

  6. After you have selected the stirring series, you can make the material. After the egg beater is used continuously for about 3-5 minutes, there will be fever, which is normal.

  7. After the material is finished, it needs to be removed carefully and cleaned.