How to use the grater

- Apr 25, 2018-

  The squeegee is also known as the wiper and wiper. It has a four-column type, and has a knife holder with a number of blades. It has many uses in the kitchen and can be used to wipe various vegetables, slices, and of course can also be used in some production of West Point. The material of the grater is generally made of stainless steel. This material is hard and easy to clean and is very suitable for use in the kitchen for a long time.

  Wipe cheese

  Cheese is a Western food and often used in the production of pizza, choose the macroporous cheese on the side of the relatively large hole in the wipe, wipe back and forth with one hand, and the other hand should hold the handle on the top of the wipe and fix it. Wiping knife for easy operation.

  Wipe the squash silk

  When making traditional northern snack pastes, it is necessary to wipe the zucchini into filaments. Hold the zucchini at 45 degrees with one hand and wipe it back and forth across the pores of the squeegee so that the filaments are made and the cooking can then proceed.

  Wipe Chocolate Chips

  When making the Black Forest cake in Western-style cakes, you need a lot of chocolate chips. We can choose a bigger and harder piece of chocolate, rub it up and down on one side of the slice, and wipe it with one hand while holding the other in the other hand. Knife top handle. When wiping, it is best to put a small plate or plate under the wipe, so that the wiped chocolate pieces will be scattered directly in the plate to facilitate the following cooking.

  Wipe lemon or orange

  Lemon and orange rind are often used to improve the taste of Western-style desserts. Choose a lemon with a knife and wipe it with the finest side of the knife. Use a small or small bowl under the knife. Use a lot of force so when one hand is in operation, the other hand must hold the handle of the top of the wiper and it will appear in the bowl with the wiper. The last thing to do is to be careful not to hurt your hand.


  1. When wiping root vegetables or any other foods, because the knife edge is sharp, be careful not to scratch your hands until the end of the wipe.

  2. When cleaning, flush from the top inside, do not touch the surface directly with your hands, you can use a small toothbrush to clean the crevice.