Iron product cleaning

- Apr 11, 2018-

Iron products used in home kitchens include wok, kitchen knives, and the like. The main problem of iron product cleaning is rust removal and rust prevention.

(1) The new iron pan removes rust.

1) Heat the new iron pan, pour half a catty of vinegar, and heat it again.

2) Scrub with bamboo rake and pour vinegar after brushing.

3) Brush the pot with clean water.

Tips 250 grams, put the pot, add a small amount of water, heating, scrub with a spatula, l ~ 2 times to rust.

(2) Iron products are rust proof.

1) Iron cookware can be used to prevent rust after it is immersed in concentrated rice water.

2) After the iron pan and kitchen knife are used up, apply a layer of oil on the surface or dry it with ginger, which can play a role in rust prevention.

3) Wash the iron product after use, and dry it with a clean cloth to prevent rust.