Is it safe to use silicone utensils?

- Apr 21, 2018-

  Today's silicone utensils are generally safe and environmentally friendly. However, it is undeniable that adding other compounds during the production process will lead to a decline in safety and environmental protection.

  Silicone tableware is made of food-grade silicone raw materials, so in production it will be better than those of industrial accessories, electronic accessories and other raw materials. The main features of food-grade silicone tableware are:

  1. Non-toxic, odorless, high transparency, no yellowing;

  2.Strong tensile strength, no cracking, long life, outstanding cold resistance and high temperature resistance;

  3.100% food grade environmental protection silica gel, soft texture, strong plasticity.

  4. Low carbon environmental protection, non-toxic and odorless, soft, non-slip, shockproof, water seepage, heat insulation, not easy to aging, not easy to fade, easy to clean.

  5. The product reaches the US FDA food grade testing standard: 21 CFR 177.2600.

  These are the characteristics of food-grade silicone materials that belong to silicone utensils. The above requirements are basically safe.