Is Milabao Silicone Baking Mould Plastic?

- Mar 26, 2018-

What is silicone rubber? Plastic? Because the silicone Chinese name has a plastic word, looks very much like plastic, rubber, latex, so many people do not know what the glue is in the end. And more people mistakenly believe that silicone is a kind of plastic! And silicone gloves are mistaken as latex rubber gloves!

   Silicone is not plastic or latex rubber. It is not glue at all. Plastic is a petroleum product, extracted from oil. Milk rubber is divided into natural, synthetic and artificial three, so it may be a natural extract or a chemical compound. So what is silicone?

   Silica gel is derived from natural materials, the main component of which is silicon dioxide (SiO2), a natural ingredient found in crystals, quartz, and sand. It has a deep kinship with ceramics and glass. It is a soft ceramic. It is a soft glass. It is chemically stable and does not react with anything other than strong alkalis or strong acids. Soft properties, insulation, insulation, temperature -40 degrees to 230 degrees, good maintenance, good protection. Strong plasticity, a very broad creative space. The recycling rate of used products is high, and no toxic substances are released when they are discarded in the natural environment, and no harm is caused to the environment.

    Therefore, the material of Milabao silicone baking mold is silicone instead of plastic, and it is not a latex rubber. Milaboo's Silicone Baking Mould Pass US FDA, EU LFGB food testing products, non-toxic, odor-free, high temperature resistant, mildew-free, cold-resistant, aging-resistant, easy to store, easy to clean, a good helper for baking enthusiasts, a good choice for home baking.