Is silicone product deodorant?

- Apr 12, 2018-

  The use of silicone products has become more and more widespread. Nowadays, silicone products have been used in toilets for children and children as seaters. Is this silicone product deodorant? It is worth thinking deeply about everyone. Before all, silicone products are mostly used for home appliances, medical care, life, and sealing. Do not need deodorant, toilet will have a smell, which requires silicone must be deodorant.

  The characteristics of silica gel are: environmental protection, high temperature resistance, ozone resistance, and the molecular structure of silica gel is not affected by external chemical substances and produce qualitative changes.

  After many clinical experiments have proved that silicone does have a deodorant function, and silicone is not easy to stick to other products, smell, color, etc., so we can rest assured that use.