Is silicone spatula resistant to high temperatures?

- Mar 20, 2018-

The most worried about the user's silicone is not high temperature, oil temperature problems: silicone temperature up to 260 degrees, usually cooking, the pot temperature is only more than 100 degrees. When the temperature of edible oil rises to 200 degrees, it will cause fumes. Normal cooking oil temperature will not exceed 200 degrees, oil temperature is too high, but will produce harmful substances. In the normal cooking situation, the front end of the wood or bamboo shovel may be used for a long time, and there will be more or less a little blackening marks. Under the same conditions, you can use silicone spatula and shovel to completely melt away. Black burn, deformation and so on. In addition, due to the stable physical and chemical properties of silica gel, it does not react with any substances other than strong alkali and strong acids, and no toxic substances are released under normal conditions. Even if the silica gel is ignited under extreme conditions, no toxic substances are released during the firing process, and full combustion only results in non-toxic white powder, rather than toxic substances. Therefore, silica gel is charred and safer than wood.