Is silicone tableware safe?

- Mar 15, 2018-

  Silicone utensils are still unfamiliar to Chinese families. Many families currently use traditional kitchen utensils. In fact, silicone kitchenware has entered our lives, but many people are very skeptical about this emerging product. So can silicone utensils be safely used? The following silicone manufacturers will share it.

   Silicone, people's understanding of it almost all come from the body's plastic surgery, repeated reports of negative news, let us deter it, silica gel harmful has been ingrained. Even talking about the color change of silica gel is actually not true, but there is not much understanding, but it has long been indispensable in our lives.



  Silicone rubber has long been proven to be a very healthy and safe silicone material. In Europe and the United States, stainless steel cake baking pans are increasingly being replaced by silicone rubber baking trays, and when they are roasting, they no longer use brushes. Instead, they use silicone rubber brushes. They use silicone rubber cream spatula and spatula, they use silicone rubber film to preserve food, and even steamer is made of silicone rubber. What everyone does not know, however, is that all of the silicone products they use for food contact are Made in China.

    Why do people in foreign countries use silicone rubber products that are in contact with food to feel at ease? Is it because they are more courageous to devote themselves? Of course not. This is related to their country's perfect product inspection standards. Overseas, all silicone rubber products that want to be sold locally must meet their relevant food-grade testing standards, such as US FDA standards. In China, because of the non-standard market, there are many loopholes, and a large number of unqualified products have flown into the market, which further aggravates consumer fears.

   Here to share with everyone the knowledge of silicone, in fact, silicone is a synthetic rubber, combined with silicon and carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and other elements, silicone is a trade name, also includes many categories. Silicon is a ubiquitous natural element. It is very rich in sand and rocks and we are often able to reach them. The pacifiers and pressure cooker seals used on baby bottles in daily life actually belong to silicone products, but these are food-grade silicones that have been approved by the United States and the FDA and tested by major food companies around the world. Institutions are classified as safe products that can be used for storage and cooking.

   Silicone tableware is to meet the national standard of food grade, can be safely used. In addition, we must pay attention to the purchase of silicone utensils, understand the brand and a considerable number of parameters, so as not to buy fakes, loss of consumer interests.