Is there a shelf life for silicone products?

- Apr 01, 2018-

News center silicone products have shelf life in our lives, many things have quality problems, quality issues will be involved in the issue of shelf life, we may common is the shelf life of food, the shelf life of a food for many of my friends are very Attention, everything has a shelf life, large and small products, daily necessities, including silicone products are also the same, a lot of friends have questioned, silicone products are not broken is the shelf life to it, in fact, silicone products are not so simple, here we Let's talk!

The shelf life of silicone products is mainly calculated in terms of two types. One is based on the number of uses, and the other is based on the time. The netizen asked a long time ago that one of his silicone nipples has not been used for one year and is now taken out. Can you use? This problem also has a lot of arguments, some say that it can be used without damage, and some say that the silicone material can not be used for a long time, in fact, the shelf life of silicone products is mainly in accordance with the manufacturer's production requirements, many product performance is different so when used different , Some of our commonly used life silicone products are basically made of imported food grade silicone, so the material is OK, shelf life mainly depends on the performance of silica gel and in the production we add the material and use, ordinary silicone products used in some industries The above if not artificial use of more than two years is no problem, we live with a silicone material is better, in general can be used for three to five years is no problem, but in the daily necessities, due to the silica in the wet Performance in the air will slowly reduce the degradation, so if it is to prevent too long before the daily necessities of life, it is recommended not to use, for the shelf life of the silicone is mainly depends on the product's raw materials and uses, the shelf life of various silicone products are Different, so come out at the time of purchase other performance, but also pay attention to durability There any special requirements, use of the future!