Kitchen equipment maintenance

- Sep 29, 2017-

The cabinet maintenance

1, daily cleaning with a damp cloth to wipe, if more difficult to clean, use kitchen cleaner and emery cloth brush. Not directly or for a long time to flush the cabinet, so as to avoid damage to the plate due to moisture, so the surface of the cabinet stained with water, should also immediately dry cloth dry.

2, regular maintenance and disinfection cabinet can wipe with bleach and water 1:1 dilution, pot dishes and other objects to dry and then put in the cabinet, and avoid sharp objects directly scratching the surface, do not wash the steel brush.

3, switch door panels should not be too hard, or more than open the door angle (110 degrees), hinge and other metal parts, to avoid long-term accumulation of water retention.

The cabinet table maintenance

1, the cabinet table cleaning and maintenance with a damp cloth, such as spots available kitchen cleaner cleaning, if the fog side table, you can use cleanser and 3M emery cloth (yellow), to draw a circle and gently wipe, the same method can be applied in the case of a cigarette burning.

2, don't let the rough chemicals, such as dyes stripping agent, rosin oil, acetone and other direct contact surface, or the hot pot placed directly to the table, these actions will damage the surface, so it should be placed on the table top insulation pad to avoid this situation happened.

The hearth maintenance

1, weekdays immediately after the kitchen cleaner to wipe the table, in order to avoid long-term accumulation of dirt, difficult days after cleaning.

2. Clean the induction rod in the furnace every week, and remove the carbide from the nozzle regularly with wire brush and stab through the fire hole.

3, when the gas stove fire or fire, should adjust the gas flow regulator, in order to avoid leakage of gas, but also regularly check the gas, rubber tube whether loose, crack or leak.

4, the gas stove and the distance of at least 30 cm above the window, to avoid strong winds blew out the fire, and the gas stove and range hood cabinet and the safe distance is 60-75 cm.

The lampblack machine maintenance

1, in doing soot hoods maintenance or repair, you need to unplug the first plug, so as not to shock.

Maintenance method 2, lampblack machine is the best daily after use with dry cloth and kitchen cleaner to wipe the body shell, when the pan or cup of eight full immediately drained to avoid overflow, at the same time to kitchen cleaner cleaning blades and the inner wall, with lampblack machine oil net, net oil every half a month to clean the kitchen cleaner for cleaning a cup, as the switch and the inner product of oil in place, can cover, so that the day after cleaning, as long as the direct, open and replaced.

The tank maintenance

The water at the edge of the kitchen sink is one of the easiest place to do the dishes every day shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, after thoroughly cleaning this area, as long as you can remove the kitchen cleaning.

The kitchen hardware accessories and maintenance

Want to put in the pot inside the cabinet, should first dry or dry, avoid water droplets directly contact the kitchen cabinet hardware, so that it can prolong the service life of hardware